dreamstimemaximum_21266865In today’s world, first responder teams, municipalities, corporations, governments and other organizations cannot afford to take a chance when it comes to dealing with potential threats or risks to their core constituents. Operational Resources International (ORI) understands this risk, and is uniquely positioned to provide you and your organization with the training necessary to ensure your preparedness in the event terrorists or others strike your area of responsibility.

Operational Resources International has designed courses staffed with the most qualified and professional instructors in the world to help you deal with the various scenarios that are prevalent in today’s ever changing security climate. If a course is not available ORI will work with our clients to design a training course, based on our client’s specific needs and mission requirements.

Operational Resources International (ORI) has a product line of equipment and services that will benefit those who are involved in providing security, from First Responders, Military or Corporations. ORI is capable of supporting explosive research and testing and will use all of its resources available to provide the most precise and accurate information resulting from R & D.

Operational Resources International is a diversified company that provides many services to all areas in the security field. The Leadership and Staff of ORI have a strong conviction of pride and dedication in giving the most attention to its clients and working with them closely in finding solutions to their needs.

Thanks for visiting ORI. Please take time to look around the site, and review the offerings by clicking on the descriptions link on our navigation bar. If you identify a training course or service that would benefit your organization, please reach out to us using the contact form and provide a brief description of your needs, as well as detailed contact information.