Drug and Narcotics Detection Kit

untitled4The SEEKERe DDK (Drug Detection kit) from DetectaChem represents the cutting edge in portable detection. The SEEKERe DDK has been designed with features specifically requested from end users in the US DOD and government agencies around the world.

One handed operation, a protective rubber boot and a sealed, water-resistant enclosure make this the ultimate ruggedized battle-ready detector. Industry-leading automated colorimetrics provide accurate detection capability with complete detection screening from a single test.





  • Event Entry and Checkpoints
  •  Law Enforcement and Hazmat
  •  Private Security
  •  Customs Agents
  •  Coast Guard
  •  Border Patrol
  •  Search and Seizure Teams

Features and Benefits

  • Portable Drug and Narcotic Detection
  • Easy To Use Digital Diagnostic Capabilityuntitled2
  • Non-Visible Detection & Bulk Detection
  • Intelligent Self-Monitoring
  • Rugged & Water Resistant
  •  Very Low Maintenance, No Downtime
  • No Radiation Source, No Bake Out
  • Multiple Languages